Who We Are

MATSON was established in 2014 and is located Hebei province. After more than 8 years of rapid development, it currently covers an area of 8000 sqm, a plant area of 5000 sqm, more than 100 employees, and achieves a sales revenue of 35 million in 2021. At present, its products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, water plant, metallurgy and other fields.

MATSON began to develop, design and manufacture Gearbox in 2014. The product adopts the latest modular structure, which is convenient for storage and overall installation. It has 8 box modules, with double acting torque from 1000 ~ 300000 Nm. and single acting torque from 500 ~ 100000 Nm., which can meet the torque requirements of various large valves. At present, MATSON has an annual output of 5000 Gearboxs. From 2015 to 2019, more than 12000 sets were sold.

Matson Metal valve ball and components

Continous R&D

Matson Metal valve ball and components

Founded in 2014, MATSON is one of the earliest domestic Gearbox manufacturers in China. So far, it has a production history of 8 years. It has rich production, operation and product development capabilities to meet various needs of customers. For 8 years, it has focused on the production of Gearboxs, just to make perfect products.

Bill Gates once said: it is only 18 months before Microsoft goes bankrupt. It means that the R & D and innovation cycle of products is only 18 months. If there is no innovation, the enterprise will only go down slowly and eventually be eliminated by the market.

In order to meet the future market, the company has carried out a series of product innovation and R & D to meet various needs in the market.

How We Work

Matson has an organized and systematic process that we’ve developed over the past 20 years.
We proactively support you throughout the entire process, helping you plan, procure and protect all your gearbox need.


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